FIS Message

Praise to Allah who says in the Holy Qur'an: "And say, truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away. Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish", and that peace and blessings be upon His Messenger who said in the authentic hadith: "Allah gives respite to the oppressor, but when he takes he does not miss”, and his family and companions.

The date of December 26, 1991 is a day that does not fade from the memory of Algerians it is a memorable day when the Arab world, Islamic and Western have seen the victory of the FIS, which won 188 seats in the first round on free and fair parliamentary elections. The Algerian people have given the FIS a landslide victory in all legitimacy and legality which was then a precedent rare in the history of Arabic and Islamic elections.

However, this victory obtained legitimately and in accordance with the laws of the Republic and was recognized by the Constitutional Council was transformed into a national tragedy by a handful of generals loyal to colonial France and the laic extremists forces and secular eradicators who have failed miserably to gain the trust of the Algerian people in elections. There was the coup that stopped the election process and has confiscated the people's choice, which leads the country and the Algerian people in a violent and unprecedented misery. The disastrous effects of the coup still continue to traumatize the Algerian people.

Having seen defamation and media hoax against the FIS, some senior members saw the need to open this site to allow members, supporters and elected FIS to express their political opinions and reveal the size of the tragedy and injustice occurred with members of the Islamic salvation Front at all levels and kept secret for two decades.