Appeal to the Algerian People for a Radical Change Through the Boycott of Elections

 In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate,

These days, key figures of the political system call for the Algerian peoples’ obligation to participate in the legislative elections in May 10th 2012, using many ways of intimidation, menace and fear, sometimes with the threat of outside intervention and sometimes with the black decade threat.

The Islamic Salvation Front while considering:

• The legitimacy of the Algerian political system is still on the table since the coup on the interim government in the summer of 1962 by force of arms and the coup on the choice of the Algerian people in 1992 and the regime refusal of all political initiatives to reach a just and comprehensive political solution therefore the regime is illegal by all standards and its task is illegal too, falsehood generates only falsehood.

• The regime threat in official speeches to convince the Algerian people to participate in the elections and seeking to compel people to elections under threat and coercion, is definitely removing from this event any benefit of freedom, transparency and free choice.

•The political reforms boasted by the regime are in fact exclusionary rules of improvisational formality dictated by the revolutionary movement in the Arab world, and are a proactive process to buy time and not the result of real political conviction.

• The fraud that has become a foregone conclusion, the practice started for some time within the framework of the so-called laws of political reform and Law on Political Parties, which robbed a large section of Algerians of their political rights, and the adoption of the Media law which criminalizes freedom of expression finalized a total lock on the media.

• That all councils appointed after the coup against the popular will in 1992 failed to do basic functions of legislation and free discussion, monitoring and follow-up and accountability, because they were only artificial councils subject to the executive authority or the hidden real authority.

• The rotten political system which is used for lie, hypocrisy and dishonesty by the single media under its authority, and there is no sign that something has changed, all the guarantees provided by the regime are deceptive false assurances which are on the decomposition on the ground day after day.

• The government that will oversee the organization of elections is a government used to fraud and has precedents of outrageous election results, suspicious statements made confirm calls for doubt and suspicion.

• The multi-party system in Algeria which is devoid of credibility, parties are just followers to the actual regime and obey orders.  Their participation or not in the parliamentary elections is the same as they do not represent nor reflect the aspirations of their members.

The Islamic Salvation Front calls clearly and explicitly the Algerian people to boycott the elections of 10th  May 2012 because the participation is a sponsorship for the unlawfulness, and cooperation in sin and transgression, and extend the life of the crisis and waste another opportunity for real change sought by all free Algerians.


On 20/04/1433 H, corresponding to 13/03/2012

Sheikh Dr Abassi Madani President of the Islamic Salvation Front

Sheikh Ali Benhadj Vice President of the Islamic Salvation Front


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