Appeal for the Victims of Snowstorms in Algeria

In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate,

The Islamic Salvation Front makes urgent appeal for the victims of snowfall and temperature drop.

The human and material damage caused to the people have been disastrous, collapse of houses especially precarious-homes and people have been left homeless, without food and medication when the snow reached three metres.

We ask all Algerians inside Algeria and abroad and all benefactors in the world to rescue those who are isolated due to heavy snow in the villages and hamlets in the mountain peaks and the edges of the valleys.

Allah said in the Holy Quran: {and do well, that ye may prosper} and in the hadith the Prophet peace be upon him said: "The Pathfinder of the good is a benefactor". People should not wait for permission from anyone to support the poor and they should not  underestimate the help that they offer no matter how small even a dirham, the prophet peace be upon him said: "A dirham precedes one hundred thousands dirhams".

Dear compatriots quickly enable relief across the country all over the affected Wilayates (32), especially the Councils and the Dairas and the Wilayates which do not have the means to break the isolation and deliver food to distant areas where many families are still completely isolated from the world for ten days and we cannot know if they are alive or dead until the snow melts.

All due to the lack of water, electricity, gas, supplies and there are no doctors to care for children, pregnant women, injured and chronically ill people.
Aid them immediately and may Allah bless you, encourage others to do the same and may Allah reward you.


Pp / Islamic Salvation Front
Vice President Sheikh Ali Benhadj


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