Statement Condemning the Genocide in Syria

In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate,

Praise is to Allah, prayers and peace be upon his Prophet, his family and companions.

The bloody events in Syria are developing dangerously and the least we can say is that it overstepped the bounds of human crime to become a war of extermination waged by the Syrian regime against its own people, in Deraa, Baba Amr, Homs and other Syrian rebel cities against tyranny and fascism.

The Islamic Salvation Front while expressing its’ sorrow at the suffering of our brothers in Syria, its’ condolences for the martyrs and solidarity with the victims is:

  • Denouncing the genocide committed by the military regime in Syria against its own people, and calling the sincere military men in the Syrian army to stop this massacre and to be on the side of their valiant people, because when the time comes Al-Assad and his criminal acolytes will not help them and whatever happens the revolution will succeed ...
  • Inviting the international community and primarily the Arab and Islamic countries to assume their responsibility to quickly stop the bloodshed and prosecute criminals of the Syrian regime, because never before have people been exposed to worse crimes in this century...
  • Calling Russia and China, which have historical ties with Arab countries to reconsider their shameful position in protecting a criminal regime that kills the elderly, women, innocent children and defenseless people, and reminding them that their interests are with the people and not with temporary regimes, and that continuing in this path will only bring them to the antipathy of all Arab people in the end...
  • Asking the international community in general and all Arab countries in particular, to isolate this criminal regime and to break off any political relationship, to implement a total economic blockade until they stop the carnage and to impose security corridors to save the wounded and ill patients blocked in many Syrian cities...
  • Confirming the solidarity of the Algerian people to the Syrian people in their distress, their moral and material support and apologize for the blurred positions of the Algerian regime which does not represent the Algerian people and after all is like the criminal regime in Syria ...


Friday, 19/3/1433 H - corresponding to 02/10/2012

Doha. President of the Islamic Salvation Front, Sheikh Abassi Madani

Algeria: Vice President of the Islamic Salvation Front, Sheikh Ali Benhadj


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