Condolences to the Algerian People for the Loss of the Mujahid Abdelhamid Mehri

In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful,

With a humble heart and satisfaction with the will of Allah, we received the news of the death of the great militant our brother Abdelhamid Mehri and at this sad occasion we extend our sincere condolences and sympathy to the bereaved family for this great loss.. We ask the Almighty to inspire his family, patience and courage and to give the brother Abdelhamid clemency and mercy, and may he rest in peace in heaven in the company of prophets, saints and martyrs.

Algeria has lost in the death of the brother Abdelhamid Mehri a genuine nationalist and sincere militant and a historical figure that has combined the wisdom of the intelligent and the bright of the politicians.

We knew our brother Abdelhamid Mehri as an active militant in the national movement from an early age. He had many responsibilities before and after independence, in recognition to his efficiency and hard work.

We recall his many good deeds and honourable positions, the most important was his rejection of the decision to stop the democratic process and the overthrow of the popular legitimacy, his attempt to stop the bloodshed and achieve national reconciliation in Algeria and his active participation in the establishment of the famous Saint Egidio platform to save Algeria, which triggered a plot from the eradicators who deposed him from the Presidency of the FLN party.

He has always rejected violence and the struggle between Algerians, he fought marginalization, exclusion and repression, but he was a victim himself of this abhorrent policy in recent years... Abdelhamid passed away and before him a lot of brothers died with this feeling of disgust at the exaggeration and political deviation of the system that had no mercy for the valuable sons of the nation, militants and faithful mujahidin.

The man died marginalized and taken away from the political scene because he had always taken position for justice that annoyed an unfair system towards sincere and honest men.

It is with tears in the eyes, sorrow hearts and great sadness that we are separated from you Abdelhamid.

To Allah and to him we return.


Tuesday, 03.09.1433 H- corresponding to 31/01/2012

Doha: The President of the Islamic Salvation Front, Dr. Sheikh Abassi Madani

Algeria: The Vice-President of the Islamic Salvation Front, Sheikh Ali Benhadj


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