Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – made by the Algerian intelligence

I always thought that all the victims of the plots of the intelligence were young, uneducated or have a modest premium of knowledge and experience. The bulk of the imprisoned in terrorism cases in the world today are in this category, some of whom were associated with people they meet only via the Internet, then lured to talk and plan terrorist acts. Whilst ignoring that those who tell them the “verses of jihad”, and the enthusiasm of the Mujahedeen are nothing but agents, manipulating them into saying certain phrases, in order to gather information and evidence- evidence then used against them in court. Others are targeted with what seems to be “spontaneous” meetings with disguised intelligence agents, followed by meetings then friendship- and then lured to talk in the “issues” of Muslims. After that the agent evaluates the aptitude of the victim to be entrapped, and to be engaged in a terrorist organization, and then a decision on the future of the process will be made.

That's what I thought until the case of the Algerian physician Adlan Hicheur in France, who was sentenced to four years in prison with one year suspended sentence on charges of involvement in a criminal organization for the preparation of terrorist acts, and the whole issue was conducted by the Algerian intelligence agent nicknamed Phoenix Chedo, who is a senior member of al-Qaeda in Algeria.

He talked to him through the Internet to set up al-Qaeda cell based in Europe and set targets for this cell, and create a means of material support and logistic for this project network. To think, Adlan Hicheur would discuss all of this with someone he did not even know. The name of the agent in contact with Hicheur, mentioned in Court, was Mustafa Dabchi, but no one can prove or deny the information. It is very strange and sad at the same time. How is it possible that a man cultured and educated, like Adlan Hicheur, can be so naïve as to fall into the trap of the Algerian intelligence like this? Lack of awareness and alertness are certainly main causes for these unfortunate incidents, with the aim to discredit Islam and Muslims around the world.

After my speech in ASR TV channel, where I said that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is a creation of the Algerian secret services, and also that I strongly support a civil state and democracy, which allow people to choose their government freely, I received a letter by e-mail which attempts to spread the extremist intelligence propaganda in misinformation- the same propaganda that attracts young people to the wrong path. I decided to publish the e-mail and my answer in this paper, May Allah guides who want truth to the straight path.

 This is a copy of the letter I received from Abu Abdelkader:

The Abu Abdelkader ([email protected]) sends a message - Using the following contact form:

“Advice for the sake of Allah to the brother Kamer eddine

“Do not use strange vocabulary such as democracy, civil state etc. You represent authentic Islamic party that refuse misleading and do not accuse your brothers the Mujahedeen of intelligence; they are righteous and ask forgiveness of Allah for this plunge may Allah forgive you.

“ As the Prophet said, peace be upon him: someone who pronounce a word inadvertently may plunged in hell seventy autumns, or as the Prophet said, peace be upon him: Who sought to please people by angering Allah get the wrath of Allah and people.

“From a Brother in Allah pitifully”

 And this is my answer:

You told me at the beginning of the message do not use strange vocabulary as “civil state and democracy”.

1. Civil state: Learn that the Islamic state is a civil state, not a religious state, like Christian countries in the past, the Islamic State rules with laws of Allah not with the inspiration of Allah, what seems to me strange is your ignorance of a civil state. If you do not know something, you must ask knowledgeable people, do not apply your own concept as a fact.

2. Democracy: the concept of democracy is different from one country to another, and it is a tool not an aspiration. But everyone agrees that it is a way, to freedom, justice, and human rights, to choose their ruler with integrity, and have the option to dismiss him in case of injustice and tyranny. All these values ​​and principles are at the heart of Islam, and never in conflict with it. Learn also that this word is used by scholars more knowledgeable than I am or you are. It is Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, may Allah protect him, and now the word democracy is used by all Islamic parties in Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood, the Benaa party and the Salafist).

You also say that I represent an authentic Islamic party which does not accept elusiveness, that's true but you have to admit that this authentic Islamic Party was engaged in political activities under the democratic system and proved to the world for the first time in modern history that the Muslim peoples if given the opportunity to choose freely will choose Islam, and election results in the Arab countries that were liberated by people in the Arab spring not by Al-Qaida prove it.

3. You say that I am accusing "righteous Mujahedeen" as intelligence, this reminds me of the year 1993 when I said in the press and interviews for the first time that the GIA was infiltrated by the Algerian intelligence, at that time many were like you and some of them issued a death sentence against me, others blamed me but after that they paid a high price because of their naivety and stupidity and the GIA in the name of Islam damaged the image of Islam and kill innocent people.

In fact the so-called "mujahedeen" were just puppets in the hands of the Algerian intelligence and it is well known what happened (as a result), to Sheikh Mohamed Said and Abdelrezak Redjam and Abdulhamid Boucha and other may Allah have mercy on all of them.

In the Kasbah district for example, what you call "righteous Mujahedeen" killed an innumerable number of sincere people to the project of the Islamic state, one of them called Ali Karate, his death still hurts me and distress me up to this day. I have no doubt that it was young people who killed him and I know some of them were naïve, and tools in the hands of the enemies of Islam. Today after the defection of a number of intelligence officers in the Army, they issued statements explaining in detail intelligence tactics to infiltrate the GIA and the establishment of other armed groups. Today everyone is convinced without doubt that the GIA had been infiltrated and manipulated, but the question that arises: Does the certainty today benefit people who fell in the intelligence trap twenty years ago? The answer is no.

Learn, Mr Abu Abdelkader that the Intelligence must take control of the decision maker within any organization or group after the infiltration such as the GIA, or after its creation such as al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, more precisely the intelligence have to administer orders, directives and statements, while soldiers "the righteous Mujahedeen" as you call them are recruited, with attract or intimidation and sometimes kidnapping, to execute orders. The recruits  never know who is the real commander for confidentiality as explained, then they are military trained and most importantly are subject to the process of brainwashing with an intelligence misinterpretation of Islam that judge all others in the society Muslim or not Muslim as misbeliever- in a way or another to justify their slaughter and massacre.

And then those who do not carry out orders to kill or try to compete with the leadership of the organization will be killed treacherously or blown then held in news statement to have carried out a suicide attack. For example, the bombing of the government building in Algiers, at this attack the Interior Minister Yazid Zerhouni denied the bomb suicide claim by al-Qaeda and said the car bombing was carried out with a remote from a distance and police found a scientific device reception, which was used in the bombing, it was not a suicide bomb attack.

Unfortunately this is the Algerian experience in the fight against terrorism. Infiltration or creation of terrorist organizations to carry out acts of murder, kidnapping and bombing, and then those groups claim responsibility through statements in their websites used freely to disfigure Islam and attract simple-minded recruits to a despicable cause.

The Algerian intelligence boast of this achievement at the West and try to generalize it in the world, contributed to the founding of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Iraqi Sunnis accuse Prime Minister al-Maliki of using and controlling al-Qaida. You should remember the kidnapping and killing of Algerian diplomats in Iraq. Their relatives explicitly accused the Algerian intelligence of the kidnapping and killing because they knew the details of the creation of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and its infiltration.

The same thing happened these days in Mali, where the Algerian diplomats were ordered not to leave the consulate in the city of Gao in northern Mali, until the armed groups arrived and then abducted them, probably for the same reasons and perhaps for the same destiny like their colleagues in Iraq.

 As well as for al-Qaeda in Yemen, Yemeni revolutionists declared from the beginning that al-Qaeda is affiliated to the former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and what is happening now with the escalation of al-Qaeda acts of killing and bombing after the departure of Abdullah Saleh shows clearly the veracity of the revolutionists.

In Libya all people noticed the support of the Algerian intelligence to the Libyan regime with weapons, soldiers and publicity, and the extent to convince the world that Al Qaeda exists in Libya, despite the fall of the regime. The last theatrical kidnapping of the Wali (prefecture administrator) in Illizi South of Algeria and his transfer to Libya to suggest that al-Qaeda have bases there and provide a reason for US and western military intervention against al-Qaida and to prove their propaganda during the revolution that rebels belonging to NATO and Libya will be occupied after Kadhafi fall but thankfully the rebels were aware of this manipulation and captured them and freed the Wali of Illizi and proved to the world the absurdity of the lies of the Algerian regime and its defamation.

Now in Syria after 14 months of the revolution, the Syrian regime still with the help of the Algerian intelligence uses the al-Qaeda scarecrow to stay in power over what remains of the massacred Syrian people and ruins of destroyed cities. Syrians in London told us that their relatives in Syria told them that everyone there speaks of the existence of a large number of Algerian intelligence personnel in Syria and are behind the horrific bombing to convince the public opinion the existence of al-Qaeda and this may reply for the support of the Syrian intelligence officers in the torture of Algerians after the military coup in 1992 and during the civil war in Algeria, but the sunrise is emerging in the horizon and God willing, the result will be contrary to what expect regimes in Algeria and Syria, and soon Syria and then Algeria will be free.

As you see Mr Abu Abdelkader all of people in the ranks of al-Qaeda in Algeria are either agents of the intelligence, or naïve people, and cannot be called mujahedeen of God. The mujahedeen are clever and would not fall for such distortions of Islam- and cautious, as to not be puppets of schemes to misrepresent Islam. They would also be hostages. For example, the son of Sheikh Ali Benhadj, who was kidnapped and harmed, he could not contact his family neither his friends after he was kidnapped with no news for years apart from what leaked from the intelligence until the announce of his death in the official media in a suicide attack, they claim, at the security checkpoint without any casualty or injury for security forces.

 They then tried to deliver incomplete and distorted Parts from the exploded and burned body to Sheikh Ali Benhadj claimed as the remains of his son, and when he called for testing the DNA they refused the DNA test and it turned out through the big difference between the size of the foot handed to him and his son’s foot that the remains are of someone else; all this in order to harm Sheikh Ali Benhadj and to damage the FIS and to scratch the democratic Islamic project in Algeria.

The prime responsible for this crime in this life and the afterlife is the President Bouteflika and he is also responsible for all state crimes committed during his rule. If you require further evidence, the same thing happened to some minor boys who were kidnapped and are now hostage of the intelligence. One of them from Oran second city in Algeria, was able to communicate with his mother, and told her his story of being kidnapped and recruited by the intelligence and the story was on the newspapers in Algeria.

As you can see, Mr Abu Abdelkader, The plan is worldwide and aims to keep the Muslim populations under the rule of dictators, away from democracy, and subject to the dominance of covetous in its resources and hate on their faith. I know that God Almighty accept only work with sincerity and proficiency, and sincerity alone is not enough to accept the work, so the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him claimed that a person must perfect his work: "God loves when one of you do something, to do it well."

 If your message is a genuine misunderstanding, as they say in Algeria, simple-minded and did not learn from the lessons of the past and want to try things already experienced, I ask Allah to guide you to the right path and a clear vision of facts and things, and to get rid of ignorance, naivety and misjudgement. However, if your message is an attempt to deliberately mislead, incite hateful sentiments, or are an agent of the intelligence or you fear the intelligence as God or more, then you must know that your destiny for committing violence and distorting Islam, is in hell, disgraced and rejected.

In fact, the one who needs advice and compassion is you.

By Kamer eddine Kherbane on 22/05/2012


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