Israeli Propaganda Answered

I am sick of the demented script which Israel has brainwashed its followers with. Many are paid to spread these lies, but others are a knock-on effect. It is as if they follow these steps whenever confronted about their abhorrent practices or are questioned about the ethnic cleansing they are currently undertaking in Gaza:

1) It is Hamas's fault. Hamas are terrorists. This operation is to get rid of terrorists.

2) Hamas started this, it is their fault. Do not blame us, we only want peace. If it was not for Hamas there would be peace right now.

3) We are defending ourselves from the hundreds of rockets Hamas keep throwing at us! We warn families before we bomb them! We are humanitarian!

4) Civilians dead? That's because Hamas use human shields! They hide behind women and children when we attack them. It is Palestine's fault that Palestinians are dying!

And when all else fails: 5) You must HATE Jews! Anti-Semitic pig! This is because of your religion! Muslims are always causing problems anyway.

Let us deal with each of these very simplistic propaganda advanced arguments in turn:

1) Hamas are not a terrorist organisation. Hamas are the democratically elected leaders of Palestine. They have been legitimately elected to represent their citizens and have done so democratically through Members of Parliament (just like Britain) and various ratified processes. The only reason you call them terrorists is because you dislike their resistance towards being treated like cattle and besieged within a drone controlled border where more than 50% of 1.8 million inhabitants are unemployed and even more are starving with no contact to the outside world.

2) Hamas did not start the current conflict. When this conflict started, Hamas were making a coalition government with Fatah, another popular Palestinian party. Fatah are very Israeli-friendly, and Israel were shocked that Fatah were cooperating with Hamas. Then, suddenly when the coalition was about to happen- surprise surprise, three teenagers go missing, and without an investigation, Hamas are blamed and imminent airstrikes are threatened! Hamas denied all involvement with this kidnapping. Hamas are based in Gaza. The kidnapping happened in the West Bank- way off. What a coincidence though, right? No, not a coincidence. This is real life, not a TV show. Even so, Hamas did not fire rockets first, even when Jewish settlers kidnapped and burned a young Palestinian boy alive. Israel started the airstrikes and since then the death toll has only been innocent civilians.

Also, Israel committed these atrocities long before Hamas even existed! There was no peace then and even worse instances of genocide, what was their excuse then? Lame.

3) You are defending yourself by killing over 1,000 women and children in just two weeks? How? Hamas has killed no civilians in Israel- only soldiers, and even that was in response to them directly invading Gaza. Imagine they had let the soldiers in- how many more would die? You call your offensive a surgical operation yet it only amounts to dead babies as young as 5 months old blown to pieces. You use flechette bombs, and phosphorous: illegal under international law and prone to mass casualties. You cannot defend yourself if you are the aggressor. You cannot be defending yourself if you have entrapped 1.8 million people with walls on all sides. You cannot defend yourself if you started the offensive, and you certainly cannot be defending yourself if you are suffering provoked harm. Where is the defence? You have iron dome technology. Hamas's rockets don't even land in Tel Aviv most of the time, and when they do, everyone has bomb shelters and much more. The rockets themselves are ineffective. Gaza have nothing against F16 Jet Fighters and worse horrors. They die. They are naked. Your operation is not a defence. It is a massacre.

Also, warn families before bombing them? By giving them a 3 minute prior call, or sending a smaller bomb through their window? Where are they meant to run to? It is a strip of land and they are barricaded! How is that humanitarian? If you are humanitarian, why do you block basic medical supplies from getting to those you injure? It is the least you could do.

4) I have never seen any visual evidence of this claim for Hamas. However, I have seen many videos and photographs of Israeli soldiers using Palestinian children as shields on their tanks and behind walls. It explains where the ridiculous lie comes from though- you do it, so you effectively become convincing in accusing others of it. Most importantly, this excuse does not begin to cover even a small fraction of the murders committed so far. Here are some:
- Yesterday, a UN facility targeted and hit. It was a school being used as a shelter- 20 dead, more than 200 wounded; mostly children. Were Hamas in a UNITED NATIONS facility? Tell me more.
- A week ago, four boys deliberately shot by an airstrike while playing football on the beach. I guess Hamas were hiding inside the football.
- A week ago, a five month old baby deliberately hit by tank fire. Dead. Hamas are getting smaller and smaller aren't they- first they can hide behind footballs, and now they can hide behind 5 month old children. If they are that tiny, why do they pose a threat?
- Entire Palestinian families are being wiped out.
- 6 hospitals have been hit on purpose, causing so many more being treated, or taking shelter to die.
- Schools too.

I could go on and list more of the 1,000+ already massacred but you get the gist. There is no justification. Have you seen the images? Do you have no heart? Justify the dead children for me. Justify why your professors are calling for rape to be used as a weapon on Palestinian mothers. What if more than 1,000 Israelis were killed in two weeks? That would mean more, right? Palestinian lives are worthless, are they not? Your scholars have called to kill all of them, one of your MPs said they should be killed along with their children. Justify this death toll. Please, go for it.

5) My favourite. When they fall back on this, it is almost laughable if it was not being used to justify something so horrid. This has nothing to do with Islam at all. This has nothing to do with Judaism. No one hates you because you are Jewish. No one even mentions or cares about that. You are hated because you kill women and children. You murder families and orphan children, destroy homes and flatten towns, mercilessly commit genocide and attempt to justify it. You commit war crimes and break international law. Anti-Semitism is no longer an excuse or insecurity to thrive on. Speaking of which- Islam is violent? Islam is the only refuge your people had during the holocaust, and the late 19th century. You lived in peace with the people you are killing now because the world did not accept you.
Keep your anti-Semitism to yourself. Only you hate Jews, to be able to make Jews look so bad.

This is from experience. This is all they argue. They have no historical context nor solid knowledge of how their state came into existence nor the intricacies of their funding. They are not even aware of the Balfour declaration, or the UN partition plans they have betrayed. I am certain each and every one of them know they are wrong deep down and how arbitrary these excuses become when put in context, how untrue and silly they really are, and worse of all, how it requires either a conscious effort towards stupidity in order to truly believe any of the nonsense they vomit, or being brainwashed from a young age to have such a narrow fictional perception of reality. It would be funny. It would be hilarious. But it is not, because right now it is costing thousands of innocent lives, and will cost thousands more.

Please share this and stop the dirty Zionist arguments before they leave their lips. The worst horror of propaganda is that it can embellish those of us who are Pro-Palestine too. Let us all educate ourselves on the facts.


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