Ali Benhadj " excluded members have no right to speak on behalf of the FIS "

Vice President of FIS Ali Benhadj, refused that persons other than the legitimate FIS leaders Abassi Madani and his deputy speak on its behalf; confirming in his talk to Echourouk that the Islamic Salvation Front issues its decisions through official statements and not in newspaper articles.

On what has been published in the news about Kamel Guemazi and Ali Djeddi meeting with the candidate Ali Benflis, Ali Benhadj has fully confirmed this information without giving details on what has been concluded, adding that these two personalities are founder members of the FIS and their contact was on behalf of the FIS to try to find solutions for the greater good. These meetings are still ongoing with Ali Benfliss and others as well as political parties.

Ali Benhadj, has also highlighted the fact that the FIS is continually giving its support to the project able to make fundamental political solutions and not solutions " tinkering " security , social or media .

The FIS deputy denied that his party or some loyal senior members have supported any candidate because the FIS has not yet made a decision about it, besides the fact that he would rather go to a transitional period in which all political parties are involved, instead of just talking about participation, support or boycott .

For the statements made ​​by some former members of the FIS, Ali Belhadj, with all due respect to all, confirmed that they cannot speak on behalf of the FIS after choosing other directions. Some of them are no longer members such as Elhachemi Sahnouni and Ahmed Merani (suspended) and others who founded their own party such as Anwar Haddam and Rabah Kebir (whose party was not approved by the authority) who in addition refused the return of the FIS party


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