The Islamic Salvation Front Statement

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,

A few days after the approval of the so-called "National People's Congress”'s law on political parties, all the reactions have denounced the hegemony of this regime and its insistence to violate the will of the people. We must  expose it to the public opinion whilst condemning its actions explicitly, publicly, unequivocally and without any doubt.

The Islamic Salvation Front's view:

Firstly- we have been forced to seek international lawyers in order to complain to international organisations for human rights and judicial authorities for a case against the Algerian regime. This is to annul this shameful law and give back the usurped people's rights under Article 132 of the Algerian Constitution- this would be done nationally, however Algeria does not have a Constitutional Court to allow citizens to appeal.

Secondly- the United Nations Commission on Human Rights previously condemned in its resolution dated 13/06/2007 the Algerian regime for violating the civil and political rights of the Islamic Salvation Front leaders Sheikh Abassi Madani and Sheikh Ali Benhadj, and considered their trial before a military tribunal as a flagrant violation of the International Law Convention and its principles.

Thirdly- there is no such thing as a "reform" or "national reconciliation" without truth and without dialogue open to all, unconditionally, and restrictionless. The regime must be a counterpart in the dialogue rather than the judge, because it bears full responsibility for the occurred situation, since the confiscation of the popular will and the explosion of violence, it has blamed the victim and granted immunity to the torturers. It has also continued to exclude a large part of the Algerian people from any political activity (disregarding of the FIS winning two historical elections).

Fourthly- we invite all free-willed, honourable and conscientious people, political parties, politicians and civil society organisations to take responsibility against these abuses and serious violations of civil and political rights and initiate legal and peaceful proceedings for the country's transition to a state of law, justice and freedom from the current state of anarchy and outlaw.

Fifthly- we ask all members and supporters of the Islamic Salvation Front to close ranks and to be vigilant, to mobilise the people against injustice and tyranny, by reasoning with wise and persuasive dialogue. All this, to reclaim the people’s sovereignty and their right to choose their representatives and leaders.

Sixthly- the FIS renews its sermon made to the Algerian people; to be your deep conscience and  tireless voice, always close to your sufferings, embodying your aspirations and actively fulfiling your dreams, and to be independent and honest as we are descendants of noble and authentic people.


On Monday, 1 Safar 1433, corresponding to 26/12/2011

Doha: Sheikh Abassi Madani President of the Islamic Salvation Front
Algiers: Sheikh Ali Benhadj vice president of the Islamic Salvation Front


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