Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – made by the Algerian intelligence

I would like to write about a person who was behind the atrocities and the carnage happening today in the world called ISIS, a man who initiated the process of all this tragedy twenty four years ago. He devoted his life to snatch and prohibit freedom, justice and welfare for the Algerian people and all Muslim people in the world. He created the GIA, GSPC and then al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb to finally top off with ISIS. 

To introduce him in the next article, I will publish a translated article I wrote in 2012 to remind people what his achievements in Algeria and in the world were at that time.


Israeli Propaganda Answered

I am sick of the demented script which Israel has brainwashed its followers with. Many are paid to spread these lies, but others are a knock-on effect. It is as if they follow these steps whenever confronted about their abhorrent practices or are questioned about the ethnic cleansing they are currently undertaking in Gaza:


Ali Benhadj " excluded members have no right to speak on behalf of the FIS "

Vice President of FIS Ali Benhadj, refused that persons other than the legitimate FIS leaders Abassi Madani and his deputy speak on its behalf; confirming in his talk to Echourouk that the Islamic Salvation Front issues its decisions through official statements and not in newspaper articles.


The banned interview in Algeria: with Kamer Eddine

The banned interview  in Algeria: with Kamer Eddine

In early 2013 I received a phone call from a journalist, Faisal Oukaci- from the newspaper "Mon Journal", directed Mr Hicham Aboud. We discussed some issues then he asked me to do an interview- from the beginning we had to agree that he could ask any question and I would have to answer, but he would publish the whole interview without censorship. He agreed, while apologising for not being able to come to London.

So we arranged that he sends me all the questions by email and I send the answers in the same way. After that he would respond with any additional questions relating to my answers, then send me a copy of the interview to correct and approve- it would then finally be published.



NATO’s Hidden Terrorism: Interview with Daniele Ganser

Daniele Ganser, professor of contemporary history at Bale University (Switzerland) and chairman of the ASPO - Switzerland, published a landmark book about "NATO’s Secret Armies." According to him, during the last 50 years the United States have organized bombings in Western Europe that they have falsely attributed to the left and the extreme left with the purpose of discrediting them in the eyes of their voters. This strategy is still present today, inspiring fear for the Islam and justifying wars on oil.


Appeal to the Algerian People for a Radical Change Through the Boycott of Elections

 In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate,

These days, key figures of the political system call for the Algerian peoples’ obligation to participate in the legislative elections in May 10th 2012, using many ways of intimidation, menace and fear, sometimes with the threat of outside intervention and sometimes with the black decade threat.



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